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The Path of the Hunter Gatherer represents our connection to our environment. This means a deeper understanding of the ecology and resources around us, as well as the advanced skills to work with those resources in order to not only survive, but to thrive in a way that is fully self-sustainable, whether in the wilderness or in an urban setting.

In a team setting, the primitive hunter gatherer is the primitive skills and survival expert in the classic sense of that word. Creating or overseeing shelter and fire strategies that will keep the team warm and dry with a minimum of effort. S/he has to be skilled at reading the land and understanding what resources are available for the team, and how best to maintain those resources both short and long term. This specialty requires skills in primitive hunting, fishing, trapping, individual and team shelters, fire, tracking, connection to local ecology.

Level 1 Hunter Gatherer is broken into 4 areas of focus and includes:
1. Shelter Building and Fire
2. Stone Tools/Flintknapping
3. Cordage and Basket Making
4. Natural Awareness/Stalking/Natural Camouflage

The Winter Hunter Gatherer Program
Mastering the hunter gatherer skills in the heart of winter is a good test of essential survival skills proficiency. By the end of the four intensive weekends of Level 1 training, Hunter Gatherer students will be comfortable and practiced with wilderness survival skills like advanced shelter building, water procurement, advanced fire-making, natural cordage, stone tools, primitive containers, primitive foods and cooking. A Level 1 skills test will be offered once a year to advance to Level 2 and beyond.


2014 Level 1 Program

Winter Program Dates:
Session 1: January 11-12th
Session 2: February 1 - 2nd
Session 3: February 22 - 23rd
Session 4: March 22 - 23rd

Tuition for Level 1 Program
Course Tuition: $600 for full course, or $175/class.    Minimum of $200 deposit required upon registration.
Cancellations that are less than 7 days before the start of the class result in a non-refunded deposit.

        Online registration for Hunter Gatherer Program


The Urban Hunter Gatherer Program
The urban hunter gatherer takes this same knowledge of the environment and applies it to an urban setting. Rather than survival in a primitive camp, it becomes fully self-sustainable food, water, shelter and warmth. Guerilla gardening in small spaces, forest gardening, permaculture concepts, plant-insect-animal cycles and how to work with them, water collection and purification, alternative food preservation, reusing, recycling, salvaging and a connection with the natural environment but in an urban setting.

Full Urban Hunter Gatherer Program details

Pre-Requisites:       Certificate of completion from the Urban Core Basic.

Hunter Gatherer Elective Courses
        *no pre-requisite needed.
        Bow-Making and Archery
        Primitive Basket-Making
        Naturalist Studies and Tracking

Hunter Gatherer Level Two
        Hunter Gatherer Testing
        How To Apply
        Level 2 Curriculum

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