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Sam Coffman, Founder - Head Instructor
 Texas survival instructors Sam Coffman has over 10 years of military experience as a U.S. Special Forces Medic, an interrogator and a linguist. He studied botany and bioregional medicine both privately and at several outdoor schools in Colorado, and during his military service as a Green Beret Medic he logged thousands of hours in the field as a team medic, military emergency rooms and troop medical clinics.

Over the past 25 years, Sam has not only taught survival for military and civilian students, but also has focused on post-disaster and remote-medicine using primarily (if not exclusively) plant medicine. He has worked as a clinical herbalist on his own and in conjunction with functional medicine doctors (M.D. and D.O.) for chronic as well as acute illness and injury. Sam has been highly focused on bio-regional plant medicine for infection, injury and illness most commonly encountered in a post-disaster, remote or underserved environment when there is no higher definitive medical care.

Sam has taught wilderness first aid certification, remote and post-disaster herbal medicine, urban and primitive survival skills and self-defense for over two decades. He is co-founder of the non-profit organization - Herbal Medics - that travels to remote areas in Nicaragua as well as medically underserved urban areas in the USA, providing herbal medicine clinics, off-grid and salvage-based engineering solutions (water purification, sustainable power, sustainable agriculture, etc.).

Additionally, Sam has over 25 years of martial arts experience both as a student and instructor ranging in styles from traditional Chinese martial arts, to stick and knife fighting, to Mixed Martial Arts and grappling.
Chris Hyde - Instructor
 Texas survival instructors Avid naturalist and lover of the outdoors, Chris Hyde grew up exploring and learning from the wild places around the Texas Hill Country. Using the Kamana Naturalist Training Program, Chris learned how to understand and celebrate the interconnections of natural diversity throughout the natural world.

Chris has completed multiple courses here at the Human Path including Primitive Core Basic, Hunter Gatherer Level 1, and Herbology Level 1. Chris is also a graduate from Earth Native Wilderness School's 9-Month Residential Program and Wildlife Tracking Intensive where he earned a Level III Track & Sign Certification from CyberTracker Conservation International.

Since then Chris has turned his love for nature into a passionate career in environmental education for youth and adults using a teaching method that encourages curiosity, motivation, and playfulness in nature. Chris is certified in Basic First Aid, CPR and Wilderness First Responder through the Wilderness Medicine Institute. He enjoys skateboarding, drawing, archery, tracking and botanical studies.
Jason Shrader - Instructor
 Texas primitive bowmaking Jason Shrader has extensive background as a stonemason and woodworker. As a caretaker for many years on a large hill-country acreage, he has been able to spend a large portion of time working with the local wood and stone of the region for both building and primitive-skills related projects. Taking his longstanding interest in archery to a new level as a bowyer, Jason has been building self-bows for several years. His experience in the world of stone and wood, as well as his love of archery have lent him considerable talent in his ability to create bows that are superlative in both function and craftsmanship.
Greg Pleasant - Instructor
 Texas wildlife management Greg Pleasant has spent a lifetime exploring the outdoors and is a life long learner of practical knowledge. He earned the rank of Eagle Scout and was a backpacking and canoeing guide, in New Mexico and Maine, while still a teenager.

Greg has been fortunate enough to have lived, worked and traveled in several states and countries, gaining experience from different cultures. He used bow hunting as a reason to explore many parts of the world.

Greg is a professional wildlife biologist with a Bachelor’s Degree in Range Wildlife and Fisheries Management, and a Masters in Wildlife Science. He is a land manager, conservationist and is interested in sustainable living. Greg is also certified as a level 3 Track and Sign Interpreter with CyberTracker Conservation.
Rodolfo Salazar - Instructor
 Texas stick fighting Continuing Education Coordinator for 20 First Responder Organization since 1995 to present under the auspices of the Emergency Health Sciences, School of Health Professions at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio, Texas (UTHSCSA). Instructor for Pre-hospital emergency medical personnel in emergency care of the sick and wounded, to include personal safety and defensive tactics with SAFD and the Bexar County First Responder Organization.

Certified as a Rappel Master and Swift Water Rescue Instructor.

Mandala Mandatus (Master)Instructor in Pekiti Tirsia Kali. Over 41 years of martial arts experience including Kali, Kuntao, Judo, Shotokan and fencing. National fencing competitor for 10 years.

Retired Major US Army, having taught U.S. Special Forces in the 300F1 Course (now known as 18 Delta). Defensive Tactics and Emergency Medicine Instructor for numerous Law Enforcement seminars and conferences, including the DPS academy and Texas Tactical Police Officers Association. Private instructor for police, border patrol officers and air marshals.
James Brock - Instructor
 Texas blacksmithing and knife forging Following an interest in traditional Scandinavian knifemaking, James began making knives by stock removal in early 2001. In 2009, prompted by the desire to make damascus steel, he acquired a small gas furnace and began making hand-forged blades, eventually learning to make damascus from ABS Master Smith Harvey Dean in February 2011.

James' passion as a bladesmith centers around salvaging old, worn, or otherwise discarded pieces of high carbon steel (i.e. automobile leaf and coil springs, bearing races, worn out saw blades and files, broken plowshares, etc...) and giving them new life on the anvil. He specializes in Scandinavian-style bushcraft knives, EDC's, and hunters.

James teaches a series of blacksmithing and blademaking courses for The Human Path that center around using reclaimed, recycled and found materials in novel ways.
Marcus Lincoln - Instructor
 natural movement Certified as a parkour and gymnastics instructor, Marcus Lincoln teaches both children and adults to experience strength, control, self confidence, and freedom of movement. Primarily training parkour, for the last 7 years, Marcus has dedicated himself to being stronger, faster, and harder to be eaten by the zombie hordes.

Marcus uses his varied training in parkour, natural movement and gymnastics to approach physical conditioning with an emphasis on off-terrain agility to strengthen muscles, improve dexterity and minimize the risk of injury. As a graduate of both the Urban and Primitive Scout Program at The Human Path, Marcus encourages others to quiet themselves and experience the world around them with vivid awareness and constant alertness.

Marcus is Parkour Generations certfied and a USA Gymnatics (USAG) certified instructor.
Dennis Fivecoat - Instructor
firearms instruction Dennis Fivecoat is a retired US Army physician assistant with a wide variety of functional background and experience. He is a combat veteran that has seen service in 8 different countries encompassing desert, jungle, snow, & maritime missions. Dennis has responded during national hurricane relief efforts, military airplane crashes, and Defense Support to Civil Authority (DSCA) missions - working with a variety of local, state, and federal agencies to include the FBI, the Secret Service, and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Dennis is a very active firearm and defensive tactics instructor with over 25 nationally recognized instructor certifications. His credentials include instructor development with: NRA Law Enforcement Division, FLETC, the Dept. of Energy, Gunsite, the Surefire Institute, John Farnam, Gabe Suarez, and many others. He is rated as a National Rifle Association Training Counselor that can certify instructors for the NRA.
Katia LeMone - Guest Instructor
 herbalist midwife Katia LeMone is an Herbalist and a Certified Professional Midwife with over 25 years of experience in homebirth and childbirth education. She has caught over 500 babies in out-of-hospital settings. She has her Masters Degree in Public Health and served in Tanzania East Africa for five years in the 1980s. It was during her time in Tanzania that she understood the need to have real skills in a changing world. Midwifery was the path she chose and then set about to teach others. As a midwifery educator, Katia has trained countless birth assistants and midwives through Maternidad La Luz Birth Center and School.
John Nichols - Guest Instructor
 Texas survival instructors After serving in the Navy in Vietnam, John has worked in a number of diverse fields. He worked as a member of the thermal engineering team on the Space Shuttle project for Rockwell/NASA. He has done diagnostic work for several electronics firms, worked as a commercial and residential electrician, and for 15 years has run his own remodeling company.

He holds a black belt in Chinese Kenpo, is a jazz bassist, translates Egyptian Hieroglyphics, is the Director of the non-profit Institute for Spiritual Archaeology, and teaches Tantric meditation.

John joins The Human Path for spiritual development classes and courses on sustainable engineering.
Thomas Easley - Guest Instructor
 Texas herbology instructors Thomas Easley started training in Herbal Medicine when he was 14 years old. 16 years later, including 11 years of full time clinical practice, he still loves plants. In the rural South, Herbalism never died out like it did in most of America. Using plants as medicine is a strong part of Southern heritage and tradition, a tradition that Thomas teaches and practices daily.

Thomas thinks that healers have an obligation to those in the most need. This led him 5 years ago to found a non-profit organization called Herbs for Orphans. H4O originally started out providing nutritional supplements and herbs to orphanages in Haiti, with a focus on orphans with HIV. Starting a week after the January 2010 earthquake, Thomas led teams of doctors, nurses and herbalists on medical relief trips to the worst-hit parts of Haiti. This evolved in to setting up mobile integrative clinics where practitioner rely on local herbs and folk remedies just as much as pharmaceuticals.
Kyla Helm, MD - Guest Instructor
 Texas natural medicine Dr. Helm-Swanson received her Medical Doctorate from the University of South Dakota School of Medicine in 1993 and is triple Board Certified in Family Medicine, Pain Medicine and Anti-Aging, Functional and Regenerative Medicine. Dr. Helm completed a Family Practice Residency at Ft. Benning, GA in 1999 and served in the US Army until 2001.

Given her passion to find and treat the root cause of illnesses, Dr. Helm obtained training in integrative and complementary interventions to augment her traditional medical education. She used these techniques to manage complex medical conditions such as chronic pain and fibromyalgia, and obtained her Board Certification in Pain Medicine in 2004.

Dr. Helm became Board Certified in Functional and Restorative Medicine in 2011 and completed her Advanced Fellowship in Restorative Medicine the same year. Dr. Helm uses an integrative functional medicine approach to provide comprehensive, individualized healthcare to her patients. She has provided these services to adults and children with great success.

Dr. Helm has traveled extensively with her husband who is a career US Army officer. She and her family live in the Texas Hill Country near Boerne, Texas.
Beatrice Nicoletti - Guest Instructor
 Texas outdoor survival instructors A lifelong student of Spanish, Beatrice lived in the states of Guanajuato and Jalisco, Mexico, where she studied at the University of Guadalajara, and holds a minor degree in Spanish from Metropolitan State University. She has designed Spanish programs, with a focus on real- life communication for children and adults at all levels, from after school programs to graduate level continuing education classes for teachers of Spanish. Beatrice is the owner of Colorado Language Cooperative, which offers language services including interpretation, document translation and instruction.

She is a national board tested medical interpreter who created and managed a statewide mentor training program for One World Translation, one of the largest providers of interpretation services in Colorado, training both new interpreters and the mentors who completed field training with them. As a native English speaker and perpetual student of Spanish, she has a great deal to offer English speakers with regard to strategy, resources and hands-on practice for learning Spanish.
Mykel Hawke, Guest Instructor
 Texas survival instructors Mykel Hawke is an experienced survival instructor with over 20 years of combined military, civilian, and government experience. He is a published author with a bestselling language book and a survival book on its second printing. Mykel is also a motivational public speaker and a lecturer on crisis responses to manmade and natural disasters, including (WMD) Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Hawke is the Director of and represents on-camera and in creative program development during media productions. Mykel is a U.S. Special Forces Medic, and has also qualified and worked as a U.S. Special Forces Communications Sergeant, a U.S. Special Forces Intel Sergeant and a U.S. Special Forces Detachment Commander.